Wednesday, July 30, 2008

# 5 Flickr

Today's lesson on 23 Things is Flickr. As you may recall, I recently started a Photobucket account so I am curious to see how similar these are. So far I have completed the tutorial and I am learning about some new terminology:
"Sets are a grouping of photos and videos that you can organize around a certain theme, such as Our Hawaii Trip."
"Collections are a grouping of Sets (or other Collections) so you can organize around grander themes, such as People, Travels, or by year (2007, 2006, etc)."
"The Organizr is where both Collections and Sets are created. It also allows you to perform common tasks on large batches of photos and videos, such as tagging, changing permissions, or editing timestamps."

I thought the group feature seemed interesting. I will have to check that out further. Also the make stuff feature is really cool. Flickr allows you to create things with your photos such as: Wall prints, blurb books, Moo cards, QOOP photo books and calendars, etc.

Flickr also has an option like MySpace where you can add Friends who have access to your photos. You can give guest passes to those without Flickr accounts. Those who visit your photo albums can leave comments and even add notes to your pictures. In addition, you can track who has been to your site and how many times. Very cool!

Next I tried out Flickr's Interestingness feature. This highlights some of the most interesting content on Flickr. Wow, I looked at July and only a little bit of it. I was hard to stop. There are so many beautiful and unique pictures. Check it out.

I also tried out the map feature. I typed in McAllen, Texas. I was pleased to find quite a few pictures. It was a little disappointed that many of them were topless dancers :-( Oh well, nothing I can do about that.

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