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I mentioned in my 7 1/2 things list that one of my goals is to improve my Spanish. Perhaps I should give some background here. I have not lived in the "Valley" all my life. I grew up in Central Texas. I moved to South Texas when I was in sixth grade. I have been trying to learn Spanish ever since. I have taken high school Spanish and college Spanish. But, I am STRUGGLING. The majority of the population in my area is bilingual. I understand Spanish well enough to comprehend most basic conversation, however speaking is ... complicated for me. I lack confidence and I have a hard time figuring out when to use the correct conjugation. So I plan to work on my library conversational skills especially. I know I will be dealing with parents quite a bit more than in the classroom.

Today I spoke with two parents both in Spanish during the two hour period I was at school. Mind you the school was closed and still I needed to be fluent in Spanish. I tried my best but I was stumbling for the correct words.

While at Target I came across two software options for improving your Spanish. I plan to research these online and I will post what I learn when I am done.


SNunc said…
Me, too! But it seems you're ahead of me because I couldn't communicate much. I'll be watching to see what you learn about the two software options.

LS570 - Shelli
Amy_DZ said…
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Amy_DZ said…
Shelli I did a little more research and I posted my findings today. I am not able to afford a top notch program like Rosetta stone. These are my under $50 picks.