Working in my library

Today I got to go by my library and work for a couple of hours. Since I am not very familiar with my collection yet, I spent some time going through the shelves and checking out what was on there. I like to feel the books in my hands and see their covers. Most books are color coded by grade level, so I tried to do a visual evaluation of which areas were lacking. Many books look like they are from another decade. I also noticed many fiction books were lacking AR tests in the older kids section. Also, I noticed many "hot new" books were not available on the shelves. I did see The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which made me smile. Since I really enjoyed that book. I need to go through and pull damaged books from the shelves.

I have to think about what to do with the Spanish collection. Right now it is color coded by grade level, but then it is not organized within the color. Books have been shelved randomly within their color section. That sounds inefficient. It will be a big task to rearrange the entire section though. Hmmmm...

The nonfiction section is great. Many different topics. A huge number of AR test book. Very pleased with this section.

I only looked at the easy section briefly. It seems good too.

I got to look at the last book order which was placed in June, but I was not able to print it out yet. There were lots of good books listed. Can't wait to get them on the shelves!

I went through the fifth grade book sets and pulled some books to read so I can start doing some podcasts. I have some ideas for making these sets more appealing to teachers. First of all I want to create a list by grade level with a summary from of each book. Then I plan to create a booktalk of a few of the titles in each grade level. I am going to start with Fifth grade and then do 1st grade and alternate back and forth. I want to count the books in each box and make sure they are numbered. I hope to put some podcasts of these book talks on the library webpage. I want to visit the classrooms when possible.

I also started going through Athena, but I am having trouble figuring out just how many books are missing. When I try to run a report about 6 books turn up, but the previous librarian printed out a page for each patron with lost books. The problem is I want a total amount lost. Some of these print outs she left have dollar amounts and some do not. I don't want to have to go student by student to figure this out if there is a feature on the program that will do it for me. Have to think on this a while.


SNunc said…
I vote you jump in when you can and rearrange if you want to. I did. It took time, but I think the new arrangement makes more sense.

Have you considered shelving the Spainish books with the non-Spanish? That is how our library is done, and I like it because I don't want the ESL students to go to only one section, thinking that is "their" section. I want them to peruse all the books. They may find a non-Spanish book that catches their eye and try that one, too.

Good luck with the software issue. That one is tough. If you can contact another librarian, he/she might could tell you if the program will run the list you want.

My big goal this year is also podcast and an interactive website. I want to include directions on how to access the catalogue and databases from home. What do you plan for yours?

LS570 - Shelli
Amy_DZ said…
Well I liked the PSA idea for student podcasts. I hope to do some book talks online in podcast form as well. I have a lot of dreams for this year, but since it is my first year I don't want to try to do too much.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my website.