# 13 Del.icio.us

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Here we go again. This is the third time I will try to post this. I don't know why...but for some reason the web just doesn't want to hear what I have to say about Del.icio.us. I was introduced to this social bookmarking site a while back. It is pretty neat. You can collect all your bookmarks here. You tag them and then the website keeps track of everyone's tags. What I found most useful is you can search these tags and find for instance what others have bookmarked with the tag "librarian." I found this article titled 17+ Things to Do with your online photos. Also useful is the fact that you can allow others to use your bookmarks by giving them your web address. For example, mine is http://delicious.com/Amy_DZ. Although right now I only have a limited number of bookmarks. I could see this being useful to link to my school library webpage so others could find bookmarks relevant to elementary school librarians. I feel conflicted about whether to transfer all my bookmarks over to Del.icio.us. On the plus side, we can access Del.icio.us within my school district network while others are often blocked. On the negative side, I just set up my iGoogle homepage with my bookmarks organized just the way I like. I may just be lazy but I am truly enjoying my iGoogle homepage and I like being able to access my RSS feeds, bookmarks, email, news, etc. all in one place.