#18 Online Productivity Tools

I signed up for Google Docs a while back when I set up my igoogle/ calendar. I must add that I have been using igoogle as my homepage and I ABSOLUTELY love it.

Now back to Google Docs. One thing I like is the ability to save my documents online and no longer have to rely on my pen drive. I didn't like that the formatting was not the same when I uploaded it to Google Docs. I also liked the variety of templates available such as this scrapbook. There is also a template for a credit card payoff calculator. Not that I need to use that as an educator but for my personal use that is pretty cool. I liked the business cards template. There is even a teachers/ students section. In addition I like that the templates are organized by type: document, spreadsheet, presentation. I think I will definitely be going her for templates.

Another option for online productivity tools is OpenOffice. I decided not to download this program at this time. Right now I am not using my personal computer and to me it is sort of a hassle to have to download it to try it out.