#20 Teacher Tube

It has been in the last six months that I discovered Teacher Tube. What I really like about it is that it is similar to YouTube except it is all educational and teacher approved. It is a super convenient source of video clips for professional development and class lessons. I took some time today to view some of the most popular videos on Teacher Tube. I learned something pretty useful to me with the following video. It shows you how to make classroom posters using Excel.

After viewing this tutorial I was able to make a poster advertising our summer reading program. I am super excited to print it out and hang it up at school tomorrow! The best part is that is was so easy to do. What is a little funny to me is, I was looking at a poster the previous librarian made which used four sheets of paper taped together. I was thinking...how did she do that? Oh well...and then today I discovered this. PERFECT!