# 7 Cool Gadgets on Google

Well for this activity I was already somewhat familiar with Google, however I had not seen all of these features. I do use my email through google regularly. In addition, I have an igoogle homepage where I keep my bookmarks. This way I can reference them where ever I am. I have tried Google Earth.
Some new features for me were:
  • Google Notebook- a neat way to collect information and access it from anywhere.
  • Google Advanced Search- I tried a search for librarian powerpoint and came up with a presentation about Library 2.0
  • Google Scholar- I liked that this allows the user to search scholarly journals
  • Google Picasa- This was okay, but I really like Flikr and photobucket
  • Google Alerts- This seemed interesting to me but I can't think of something that I search for regularly that I need email updates on. Hmmm...I'll have to think about how this would be useful to me


SNunc said…
I like searching Google Advanced for copyright-friendly images; I will look for presentations on Library 2.0. You might want alerts to Library 2.0 things...