Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hit the ground running!

This week I finally got to start working with student data. I was able to get the students' names and ID numbers on Thursday afternoon and I have been working quickly to enter in all the data. It is a tedious chore and gives me a new appreciation for all the librarians out there. As a teacher, I never realized how much work was associated with the start of the school year.

Our library coordinator recently mentioned to me that she was once told that librarians are always just sitting around at the computer (with the implication that they either 1. didn't do anything; or 2. were probably "playing" around on the Internet.) She said she replied by saying something along these lines: "Look at this beautiful library. All those books don't get there by osmosis."

I suppose that is what I mistakenly thought about the circulation system. I guess I always thought that the names were already "in" there so how hard could it be to start the year. Now I know. In my case, our school district is changing student ID numbers this years so that means a patron by patron update of ID #, grade level, and teacher. Not only once mind you but twice...since I have to do this for both Athena (our circulation system) and Accelerated Reader. On Friday I decided I had to leave by 5:15 p.m. since it was the weekend and my family needs me. As of right now I am not finished entering in student data into either program. Regardless, I will be opening the doors to students on Wednesday. Students will not be checking out books until 9/1/08.

I am really enjoying my campus so far. My library aide is wonderful. I couldn't have hoped for a better person to work with. Also all the staff members I have met have been wonderful to work with. The principal provided lunch for us on Thursday and Friday which was a really nice change from my previous campus. Lunch was delicious. I realize this is maybe a little off topic, but I had never tried Jason's Deli's chicken salad. It is a very tasty combination of white meat chicken, pineapple and almond. It also came with a cranberry, macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin cookie that was irresistible.

I was pleased to decorate the library this week. I removed all the old posters and put up some new (non-faded) kid friendly decorations. I also added a Dr. Seuss welcome sign to the front entrance. The library is ready for the students on Monday! Hooray!

I recently read on LM_NET a list-serv for librarians about an idea for handling interruptions during library lessons. A fellow librarian suggested using quiet tickets. She said she first explained that when you drive too fast a police office gives you a ticket. In her library she does the same thing with quiet tickets. She makes laminated "Shhh!" cards and gives them to the student who is interrupting. This first time is a warning. The second time...another warning. They get the chances before getting a note to their teacher/ parents. I plan to implement this in my library. Hopefully I will be able to make my "Shhh!" cards this weekend for use in the library next week. I will definitely post an update with how it all turns out.

Let's see...what mind is racing to say the least. I am overloaded with new ideas, new people, new programs, just everything new. Oh I know...let me leave you with this quote I heard on Friday:

Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want. --Dan Standford

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