Librarian Training Day

Well, a lot has happened over the past two days. I wanted to write this entry sooner, but you know how life can interrupt some times. My daughter, who is fifteen months, started daycare this week after hanging out with her father and I all summer. So in the evening, she needs mommy time which limits my blogging time. Just seeing how excited she is to have me sit down and play with her makes it so special to me.

I started back to work on Tuesday. I felt like I got quite a bit done. First and foremost I want to thank the previous librarians. Whichever one(s) of you were sooooo is much appreciated. I discovered that in the storage closet there are clear plastic boxes perfectly labeled with each month's name and decorations were inside. There were handmade curtains and other misc. items. Wow! That is SUPER! Along with the help of my new library aide, who came in to help even though she is not being paid I might add, the library is starting look ready for students.

I got about three weeks worth of lesson plans done. I made a nifty checklist to have my library aide use for each week to help me prepare the lessons. I will attach it here later. Right now it is at school and this site is currently blocked. (Although I have already requested that it be unblocked.)

Yesterday, I found out I am the Campus Instructional Technologist (CIT) for my campus. This I am excited about. I really enjoy technology. I started working on my library webpage and the school home page. Right now I am looking around at other campus websites to get some ideas for how I can improve our school site. Next week I will attend a training session for CITs to help make sure we are familiar with software/ hardware issues.

Let's see....what else? Today is my first meeting with the library department. I will get to meet all the other elementary librarians. I can't wait to get jazzed up about all the new things we are doing this year. Did I mention they are providing lunch? That's perfect because right about now I am broke.

I have to send out a great BIG THANKS to Dee Lopez, my library mentor, for coming on Tuesday to my school and showing me the ins and outs of the Athena program. It was so generous of you. Every new librarian should be as lucky as me to be taken under the wing of a veteran librarian.

It's about 7:20 a.m. and I need to go to drop off my daughter at daycare and then off to the meeting. Wish me luck ;-)