Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More cool stuff

So I was browsing around on the internet tonight...yes I realize it's after midnight. Here is this really cool blog on things to do with your photos. I tried out Picnik just now and made a goofy picture of myself in neon lights. So here it is:
Kinda neat right? I haven't explored all 17 items listed in the blog I mentioned above, but something I like about Picnik is that you don't have to sign in to get an account. You can if you want to, but sometimes it is just overload to register for all these internet sites and I appreciate the choice of whether to register or not. Overall, there were some really neat effects from basic to zany. You just upload any picture you have or you can play with their samples. You can make your picture black and white or sepia, add a border, add text. Lots of fun. I think this would be fun to use on my library website.

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