Thursday, August 28, 2008


**Update-- I got it to work. Here is the link to my school library webpage: click on advanced email tutorial. Oh and the problem? I just renamed the file and it saved perfectly? Who knows why it didn't work the first time...just glad it works now.

Today I had a chance to make my first screencast! I know some of the staff at my campus need tutorials on our email system. So when I was asked today about how to attach a file to an email I thought: "this is the perfect time for a screencast." I decided to download a program from Wink. It was sort of user-friendly. I watched the included tutorial first and that was helpful. My finished product came out well. I didn't have a microphone so I included textboxes with notes. My main problem however is now that I am all done I am unable to embed it or link it in my school webpage.
After I arrived home tonight, I thought: I should have emailed the file to myself to see if I could do the link at home. Alas...I thought of it too late. It really consumed a good amount of time. Tomorrow I will have to try some more. In the meantime I made a print version of the tutorial until I can figure out how to upload it to the webpage.

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