Wikis...I'm back for more!

Well, I felt a little frustrated by the last post. I want to figure this Wiki thing out and to be quite honest I love technology and I dislike the idea that I can't make something work for me. So this morning I spent some time getting to know PBWiki better. I looked through their tutorials and informational whitepages and came across Mr. Lindsay's wiki. Wow, he did a great job. Since, at times I am not that creative...I needed to see a site like this to help me visualize just what can be done with a wiki in the library. (Although Mr. Lindsay's wiki is for his classroom...not the library.)

So here are some of the things I'd like to have in my library wiki:
  • Help desk- for library issues and tech issues
  • calendar
  • to do list - for me to list things I am working on
  • about the librarian
  • about the wiki
  • student blogs
  • teacher blogs
  • lesson plans- so parents can see what their children are learning in the library
  • book reviews- students can collaborate here to recommend books to each other
  • resources for educators
  • cool stuff for kids


David said…
Thanks for the kind words about my wiki. I've actually started using a wiki space that was specifically created within our district so I'm not going to keep my pbwiki updated. The new wiki I'm currently building is at:
I really like PBWiki, but there are some custom controls that my district is providing our wikis with that make them easier to get students using with more controls (and they don't have to have an email which is another nice bonus). If you have any questions about wikis, I train educators in our district and would be happy to help you.
I also notice you're from Texas; I got my masters in ed from Texas A&M- it's a small world after all.