Monday, September 22, 2008

Angela Davis Visits our library

Students in Pre-K, Kinder, and 3rd grade enjoyed Mrs. Davis' performance on 9/22/08 in the library. I had a great time too. She is a wonderful storyteller. The students were actively involved with the presentation. Her first story was a tale of friendship about a girl named Selida who has a beautiful necklace. Some other girls trick her into throwing her necklace into the ocean. When she realizes her mistake she dives in and swims to the bottom. She sees an old woman covered in sores and hideously ugly. The old woman tells her that she will only help her if Selida licks all the sores on her arms. Selida is very good hearted and wants to help so without thinking twice she licks the old hag's sores. Immediately the old woman turns into a beautiful woman. She gives Selida a necklace full of precious stones and takes her back to land. When the other girls see Selida's new necklace, they become jealous of her and jump in the ocean to find their own! (Mrs. Davis asked me to participate as one of the mean girls and a few other teachers played parts too.)
When they swam down to the bottom, the old hag swallowed them up. The mean girls begged her to let them out. They tickled her stomach until she finally spit them out. The mean girls immediately went to Selida to ask for her forgiveness. After a few weeks, Selida decided they were sincere and decided to forgive them.

The kids and I had a super time!

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