Sunday, September 7, 2008

One week with kids

Well, I can officially join the club and say that I have conducted library classes for one week! Everything went quite smoothly. No major snags along the way. I especially enjoyed getting to know the students who will be my frequent library customers. Some students I have seen everyday in the morning and/or after school checking out books. Here's what I did with week one:
  • Overview of library rules/ procedure
  • Signed library contracts
  • 1st-5th checked out books
  • PK-K watched a video

I went to the district office and got to take a picture for our librarian calendar. You heard me right! We have a "Wild About Reading" theme calendar this school year. I got to pose with a book on my lap and my hand in the air like I am petting a wolf (which will be Photoshopped in later.) The background is a winter woods scene. I am thinking I will probably be the December or January picture. I am excited to see the finished product and I plan to post it here as soon as it is ready.

Being a librarian is keeping me on my toes. It has been a fun challenge to balance all the tasks I am in charge of. This week I had my first teacher training. I met with staff members after school on Wednesday and I walked them through updating their web pages. I had a large turn out. In fact, I didn't have enough copies or chairs to accommodate everyone who arrived. I will hold another session this Wednesday to reach the remainder of the staff members.

On a personal note, my daughter was really sick and I have had to be out of the library. It is not any fun to miss work so soon in the school year. The good news is I had already prepared about 4 weeks worth of lesson plans. The bad news is that the books are piling up that need to be reshelved. My baby is sleeping here beside me as I balance my college homework, this blog and a personal life. Mostly I am just very happy that her fever has broken. She has had a fever off and on since Wednesday. Did I mentioned I am already sick too?

I know it will be a good year, when all I can think is I am so lucky to have this job! I just love it so far. It is definitely a big change from being in an 8th grade classroom. Oh...also my daughter Haille won the Summer Reading contest for her grade level (2nd grade)! I am super proud of her and I just had to brag for a minute!!!

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