Monday, October 6, 2008

AR Incentives

This year I am working hard to make our reading program, Accelerated Reader, more fun for our students. AR is pushed really hard at our school. Each six weeks the top 20 in each grade level are rewarded with a field trip. In the past, the students went to a pizza restaurant every six weeks. This year, I thought I would mix it up and change around the field trips. Here is my tentative plan:
1st 6 Weeks-Pizza Place
2nd 6 Weeks- Sue the T-Rex (We have a T-Rex skeleton on display at our local university. )

3rd 6 Weeks- Quinta Mazatlan (An urban forest and wildlife preserve)

4th 6 Weeks- Chuck E. Cheese (Brand new in our area)

5th 6Weeks- Mr. Gatti's Pizza- build your own pizza event

I will post more about our library incentives at a later date.

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