Monday, October 6, 2008

Collection Development

I am excited because I got my library budget. I love books and I love shopping so I thought this would be FUN. I went to my Collection Development class on Saturday...ALL day. It was a long class meeting. I don't feel like it made me all that more insightful. I do like the textbook however. I plan to study my collection bit before I place my order.
During a librarian's meeting a while back I got to visit the book mobile by Escue and Associates. It was fun scanning all the books I was interested in. It was even funnier when they sent me my wishlist and I saw that I had chosen about $10,000 worth of books! I already started comparing what I want with what we have and I am narrowing the list down. Also I uploaded our collection to Perma-Bound and it is neat to see the collection analysis they have online. I plan to print that out at school today and analyze it more thoroughly.
I know I want to focus on a couple of areas: 4th-5th grade novels (especially 5th) since there are not that many novels for this group and they are having to use 3rd grade novels to supplement. I also was to increase our number of books about the arts, because that is one of our smallest Dewey sections. The challenge I am having is whittling down the list but still focusing on my target areas and still getting a little something for everyone.
When I get it ready I will post how many books in each category I ended up purchasing.

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