Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's dorky...I know

I was so excited this week...I got my new name tag that now says "Librarian." I can't help but be super happy about it.

Also, I had the sweetest thing happen yesterday. I went to my mailbox at work and I found a letter inside from a student. It said something along the lines of "Dear Mrs. Marquez, I came to the lidrery yesterday and my password wasn't working. You tried to help me, but coodn't. You said I needed a new passward. Can you please get me a new passward ASAP? I like to test a lot every day. Sincerely, ___________ rm. #, teacher's name"

It was so cute that this second grader wrote to me in form of a formal letter. I replied back in a formal letter and thanked her for her patience with the delay. She came over after school ended yesterday excited to get her reply letter. It was really nice.

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