Thursday, October 9, 2008

Librarian Sink Hole

Did I mentioned I fell in a new librarian sink hole? Well, not literally of course but I was called by a vendor who will remain nameless to see if I would like to preview their new books. It was the first week of school. She said I could look over the boxes and if I liked what I saw I could get together the PO and send it to her at my convenience or I could return them at no charge. She described the books to me and they seemed to be interesting titles so I said yes. It was a hesitant yes, but I was busy so I went ahead and agreed. When the books arrived I opened the boxes and realized immediately...there is no way I can keep these! They were beautiful books with no barcodes, spine labels, ar tests, or anything. I knew after processing that large order that arrived to me with half of the stuff I wanted on them, there was no way I wanted to start from scratch and put on everything myself. So I called back, and it was difficult to convince the vendor I really was NOT interested. Finally I was able to ship them back and I think I probably won't get a call next year from them. That's okay with me, I have learned my lesson. No one warned me about that one so I am spreading the word to other new librarians so it doesn't happen to them. Don't get me wrong...the books were great...and if you have the time to process them all yourself it can be a great deal...but I don't live in a slow paced world.

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