Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Library Discipline

This week is already flying by! I had my first "rough" experience in the library today. Tuesday is my difficult class and of course it is scheduled when I do not have a library aide. I had to raise my voice for the first time today. I also had to send out two disruptive students. I am looking for some ideas for that class to make the period go smoothly. Both are behavior problems throughout the school (not just the library.) When one is absent, the other is manageable and vice versa. It is frustrating having to send anyone out. I don't like to admit defeat, but I have tried a few things.
1. Having them be helpers...works sometimes only.
2. Seating them apart... they yell across the library :-(
3. Seating them outside on the bench for a time out (the door is open so they can be monitored)...they refuse to move and it becomes a battle for me
4. Asked for the teachers help (some teachers will keep difficult students or sit in with them or offer advice)...the teacher basically told me "try having them all day!"

Their disruptive behavior includes: putting others down, talking back, being loud in the library, rough housing, not following library rules, talking while I'm talking, etc.

I'll report back next week to see if their meeting with the counselor today made a difference.

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