Thursday, October 16, 2008

Suzy Red Conference

If you haven't heard of Suzy need to go check out her RIGHT now! I went to her conference on Wednesday and it was absolutely wonderful. At her conference "Transformers" she discusses each of the Bluebonnet Award winning books for 08-09 and gives participants a manual with 10+ pages of activities for each book. In addition it comes with a site license for your school and a CD filled with "jeopardy" like games and interactive websites and much more. It was the best workshop I have been to in a while.
You can buy her book online at her website...or simply browse all the links for the Bluebonnet books by clicking on the Library link on her homepage.

On a side note, at the conference I ran into my junior high librarian. She said she recognized me when I volunteered to read for a reader's theater (those are included in the manual too!) It was really neat to have her recognize me. I told her I have always liked to read and she said, "Yeah I remembered that about you!"

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