Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 6 (10/13-10/17)

Let's see...what happened last week? It's all a blur...last week I worked a lot on order processing. Coming up with a good list of books to order is time consuming. I decided I wanted to focus on science, math and social studies as well as fiction for older students. I got about $500 of fiction for 3-5, $500 of Spanish nonfiction, $500 of Math, $500 of Science, $500 of History, $500 of Teacher Requests, $500 of Award Winning Titles and $500 of "fun stuff." I think I have a good variety that will support our curriculum.

Before becoming a librarian I didn't realize that Texas libraries have standards. This is kind of like the rating a school gets for test performance. Libraries can be unacceptable, acceptable, recognized, and exemplary. Our campus is currently at the following ratings in my opinion:
Standard 1-
Standard 2-
Standard 3-
Standard 4-
Standard 5-

(Status coming soon.)
I plan to present my findings to my campus principal so we can set goals to improve our rating. My campus is an exemplary campus for test scores, so I am pretty sure my principal will want our library to be exemplary as well.

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