Sunday, November 23, 2008

Create Slideshows Online

This year I have had some issues with PowerPoint. On one occasion, I worked all weekend on a PowerPoint presentation. When I got to school I tried to use my USB drive and for some reason the school laptop would not read it (although it works on every other computer I have tried.) I tried to email it through gmail. Alas is was so big it just kept loading and never attached in the email. So I gave up :-( and the students didn't get to see my powerpoint. If I had known about this website 280 slides, perhaps I would not have had this problem. You can go on this site and create your slideshow using tons of themes, links to pictures/ videos, etc. It is similar to PowerPoint, so don't be worried about learning to use a new program. It is pretty easy. Finally you can save your finished product as a PowerPoint Document or save it directly on the 280 Slides website. This eliminated the hassle of trying to email your finished product or using a USB drive. Another option, you can embed it in your website/blog.

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