Wow! It's been a while...

Things have been super busy. My Masters classes are almost over. And thank goodness I'm all done with my assignments. At the library, the days are flying by. I got some of my book orders in. I tried hard to focus on areas we were weak in. I got quite a bit of math and science as well as some books on music, art, cooking, and other hobbies. I got some really neat new fiction. My students are excited and can't wait to read.

Right now we have about 18,900 points. Our goal is to earn 50,000 pts by the end of the school year. If we reach this goal I will be in the dunking booth! (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Also we now have 4 millionaires in the Millionaire's Club. I mentioned this in a previous post. This club is for students who read a million words.

We collected enough Box Tops for Education to earn over $300 for library! Each box top is worth $.10 so that's a lot of box tops!

We collected 106 pounds for the Ronald McDonald House charities. We were second place in the Valley. Hopefully we will bring in the most by the end of the year and receive a presentation by Ronald McDonald.

So did that sound busy enough? I am ready for the Christmas break!