Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pizza Making Field Trip

Wednesday Jan. 14th I took the Top 100 AR students from my campus to Mr. Gattis' Pizza for a pizza making class. It was lots of fun. The kids were great and we got lots of compliments.

In groups of four students took turns pressing a metal ring on the dough to form an outline. Then one spread on sauce. Another put the ring back on and poured a scoop of cheese in the middle. The next student took hold of the metal ring and tray and shook the pan. This spread out the cheese! How cool is that? Finally the last person put on the sausage and shook the pan to spread it out. I had no idea they made pizza that way.

After making their pizzas the kids got to play in the arcade. No couldn't have gone smoother. We even got photographed for the PSJA ISD newspaper!

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