Sunday, January 25, 2009


Shopping for the library sounds fun...right? Well it is at first. What more could a girl want than to go shopping, I thought. I was given a set amount of money to spend from our district library department back in August. Our deadline was Jan. '09. It was no problem coming up with the list. The problem came when I had to get three quotes for each order! It's time consuming...but I did it.

To my surprise my campus informed me that I will be able to order another large amount of books. I tried to be ahead of the game this time and have my lists ready. So I think I will be able to submit my orders early this coming week. Just a few final touches. I am excited to say that I am working hard to increase our collection to meet Texas Library Standards. We have so much fiction, and while I love it too, I know we need mainly history books. So I am purchasing a tremendous amount of history/ biographies. I can't wait for all the boxes to arrive so I can see all the beautiful covers and put them into the hands of our students!

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