Sunday, April 26, 2009

Book Reviews

I am not sure yet how to link my two blogs together. I would love to have my book reviews blog feed directly into this one. I don't want to lose my following on that blog so I guess for now I will just copy each review over to this blog. You can find my other blog at

Oggie Cooder by Sarah Weeks

Oggie Cooder doesn’t mind being different. He does wish he had more friends, but the people in town just can’t accept his weird clothes and odd habits. When he accidentally auditions for Hidden Talents and is chosen to appear on TV everyone in town starts to notice him. It starts out as a blessing. Oggie loves to Charve (Chew and carve- a word he created himself) cheese into sculptures of the states. However, when Donnica becomes his manager, she wants to be famous at all cost. Will Oggie make it all the way to Hollywood? Make sure to check out Sarah Weeks’ novel to find out!

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