I'm Twittering!

Well, last week I decided to go ahead and jump on the Twitter Bandwagon! Although to me it is a lot like a chatroom, I figure if Joyce Valenza's doing it...it is something I should check out.
Here is my link: www.twitter.com/Amy_DZ


Cathy Nelson said…
Welcome to Twitter! Im cathyjo there. Twitter will not make a lot of sense until you cultivate a network (followers/following). Until then no real conversations (however shortened) can really take place. Many start out following just the popular. That may give some satisfaction, but not a lot. To cultivate a network, begin responding to people who make tweets using the @symbol in front of their name. We had a healthy discussion just this evening on classroom collections and also censorship, two very different topics. But the conversation was healthy because most of us follow each other. I added a few new voices to my network, and was asked to follow a few back. This is one way to grow your network. It takes a little time (and devotion) to understand twitter, and truly you won't enjoy it until a few people know you. Feel free to rummage through my list of followers/following. There are several LMS's in the mix. I also follow many forward minded educators from different areas--I like to have my thinking challenged and stretched. Oh and there are a few family and friends in the mix too. Amazing place, but again confusing. Dont give up. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to help! Look for a welcome from me on Twitter in a few.