Free Webpage Development Options

I have been trying out both Google Sites and Webs for my technology class at Sam Houston State University. I thought I would write up a little review.

Just a note: both webpage developing sites are free, although the free version of Webs has advertisements.

Google Sites
First take a look at what my Google Sites webpage looks like.
Google Sites is easy to use for basic webpage development. It has a few themes/ layouts for your pages. This is a draw back for me. Since I really didn't LOVE any of the layouts. To edit a page you simply click edit page and begin typing just like in MS Word. I have encountered problems every time I try to embed HTML code. I am not a super tech. I don't know a lot about HTML. But I want to be able to copy the code from a variety of websites so that I can add slideshows, images, videos, etc. With, Google Sites, I am given an error about some of the content being blocked and then the HTML code is removed from the post. After tinkering and searching online for how to go around this, I finally was able to embed one thing...a counter for the homepage. The way I did this was I had to remove parts of the code and keep trying until I removed "the blocked scripts" and was allowed to embed it. It was not easy or convenient. It was FRUSTRATING. I plan to make a tip sheet for how to get around the blocks in Google Sites and I'll post it here when it is ready.

Final word= good for beginners, but a little frustrating if you want to add some "Frills" to your site. B

Here is my webs account.
I really like the themes and professional look of Webs. I do not like the advertisements. However, you can subscribe to have those removed. Editing the page is as simple as Google sites. You simple type in the box. Embedding HTML code is very easy. I have not had any problems adding items to my site. In addition, Webs offers different layouts for page types. You can choose a videos page, photo album, links page, or just a standard page. There are even more options with Webs.

Final word= great for beginners- intermediate tech users. A- only for the advertisements on the free account.

What do you think? Google Sites or Webs?