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It is my first time conducting inventory and I am please it is going well. Right now it took me about 3 days to have about 5,000 books inventoried. I have about 7,000 to go. As I go through the shelves I am pulling out books that I plan to weed. Our shelves are very full and I think we will need more shelves soon. I moved all the books to the left and filled up an entire additional three shelf bookcase. Back in December I asked for additional shelving but I was told I could not have any at that time. Maybe after seeing how full our shelves are we might be able to purchase some with the coming school year' budget.

I will be working eight more school days and then summer vacation begins! I have some organizational tasks I plan to attend to. I need to add all the new book sets, videos and audio books to the print list. In fact, I will probably retype them all because I was unable to find the previous list on my computer. I also have an assortment of books that belong in the book set boxes that are pending. I need to figure out which belong where and which need to go in the "prizes" box.

I had a really awesome first year in the library. I am so pleased with my decision to become a librarian. I think it is a really good fit.


Cathy Nelson said…
LOL in my 2 years at my current position, I cam in to absolutely no extra shelf space and some shelves double booked (two rows of shelves--no one could see the back row because the front row covered them.) I'm in a smaller library, and I had around 11,000 copies. I whittled it down during my first year by 4000, allowing me to rid two additional shelves that were added the year before and really sat out like sore thumbs. This year Ive probably removed 500 more. Im disappointed my average copyright date didnt become more current, but I am pleased that every shelf now has room for new materials. As a matter of fact, my principal came in and mentioned after seeing all the space (we had reshelved all displays on roomy shelves for inventory) wow, I need to make sure their is some money in the budget for new library books! It made me want to weed even more. Good luck with your inventory --it sounds like its is significantly more than mine.
Amy_DZ said…
Are you also in an elementary? My library could definitely use some major weeding. But, I am strongly encouraged to not weed much until I at least reach acceptable for our books per student ratio. I am definitely weeding out about 30 baby sitter's club books. That is with my keeping volumes 1-20! I might get rid of more next year. They are only circulating with one student and she is reading them all in order. What I find frustrating is that someone cataloged a bunch of hardback state adopted classroom books so we have like 5 or more of each of these titles and none are circulating.