Friday, June 19, 2009

George Bush Museum Tour 6/15/09

On Monday, June 15th my family and I went to the George Bush Library in College Station. First we went through the museum exhibits. The museum was much larger than I had anticipated. In fact, to be quite honest I really thought the museum would be small and most of the building I would be seeing would be a library. I truly learned a lot by visiting this establishment.

The museum was presented in chronological order. We picked up an audio wand to listen to information while walking through the museum. While this was useful, we found ourselves putting it aside and immersing ourselves at our own pace. The first display includes a presidential limousine and other symbols representing the presidency. Scrapbooks of the Bush Family were also displayed throughout the museum. There is a WWII section with a restored 1944 TBM Avenger. I thought it was neat to see a replica of Barbara's wedding gown and some quotes about George's love for her.

One standout in the museum is the 30 foot tall replica of the Capitol dome which features campaign advertisements and articles. Our family took a picture in a replica of the Oval Office. How neat is that?

The literacy lounge is a resting stop during the museum tour. It is a room filled with sunlight, comfy seating and plenty of children's books. On the TV screen, you can see George and Laura acting goofy. There is a child-size White House playhouse that the kids can play around in.

On the way out, visitors can get a "personalized" letter from the president. You type in your name and whether you want a letter from Barbara or George. Then you choose a question you would like answered.

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