Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IMAS Exhibits

Besides Grossology, there were some other interesting exhibits on display at the International Museum of Arts and Sciences in McAllen. Paul Valdez's Fragments (left) was a neat collage of signage from both Mexico and the United States. Valdez is an instructor at the University of Texas Pan American. According to his statement, he wanted to "capture the feel of the border." It took him three years to paint the images in this display of 450 pieces.

Another exhibit was Ancient Egypt: The Quest for Eternal Life from the private collection of Giovanni Amin. On display were replications of relief panels (right), sarcophagus, and death mask. The sarcophagus (below) was very large (full size I believe.) It was really neat to see these items closeup.

In addition, there was ICONS Stained Glass Windows which originated from St. Paul's Church in Albany, New York dating back to 1914. The room where these windows are on display has been recreated to look like a chapel. The room is dimmed and each window is illunimated from behind. In the center is a bench that resembles a church pew. The room is calm and relaxing. We spent a while here admiring the details in each stained glass window.

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