Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pedro Meyer, Photographer

My favorite part of the museum was the collection of photographs by Pedro Meyer entitled Heresies. This was the only portion of the museum I was not allowed to take pictures of. I looked online at Meyer's website for some background on him. Meyer's artwork is known for pushing the limits between reality and fiction. As I observed his photographs, I noticed some added element that did not belong in each. It made looking at the photographs very interesting for me. I made it a sort of game to determine what was out of place and why the artist chose to add that element. The collection was titled Heresies for exactly this reason- each image is both true and untrue. After researching him on his website, I was led to ZoneZero, a collection of his artwork online (along with other artists). I especially liked his Self-Portraits collection that is on the Zone Zero website. It has background music and a little background information. I liked the way his shadow is used as his self portrait in one section of the collection. He shoots pictures of his shadow at different angles, different lighting, different locations. It was really quite splendid. I wanted to include a picture of him or his work here, but I didn't have any copyright free photos of him to use.

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