Coraline by Neil Gaiman

This is another audio book I listed to with my daughter. She saw the movie first and just had to read the book. Since it was not available at out local libraries I ended up purchasing it at as an instant download. It was a great investment because my daughter was so excited about starting right away on it.

Although some might find the storyline dark, my daughter and I really enjoyed getting lost in the fantasy of it. In this story, Coraline is living a humdrum life. She has just moved into a new house, her parents are constantly too busy for her, and she loves to explore. When she finds a secret door, she follows a path that takes her to another reality. In this world, her other mother and father are perfect. They cook yummy food, play games with her, and give her lots of attention. But, everything is not as it appears to be. Before long, Coraline wants to go home but she is trapped in this alternate reality. How will she escape?

This book reminded me of another book by Neil Gaiman that I read recently called the Graveyard Book. If you liked Coraline you might like this one as well.