Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Based on the recommendation of my wonderful principal, I borrowed Ender's Game in audio to read this summer. I have found that I really like to listed to audio books. When I first took young adult literature at Sam Houston State University and Dr. Lesesne recommended that we ourselves should use audio books and promote them with our students, I thought why...reading it yourself is always superior! I have to say it is a whole new experience listening to it.
Ender's Game was based on a novella the author wrote in 1977! It is a fast paced sci-fi book. Set in the future, where families are only allotted two children, Ender is a 3rd. He was commissioned by the government to work as a space invader. Since an early age he wore a devise that monitored his every movement. The government watched all the time in hopes that he might really be the ONE who would save the world. Aliens had invaded many years before Ender's birth and he was specifically born to fight this species of aliens when they return. The only problem is...no one asked Ender what he'd like to do. He is isolated since no one at school wants to associate with a 3rd. His brother hates him because he is so special and when no one is looking he tortures Ender with mind games and abuse. I really enjoyed this book, although I don't know that I would recommend it for an elementary school. There are some bad words used and some inappropriate scenes. If you are in middle school/ high school this book would be better suited for you.