Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card

After reading Ender's Game I really got hooked on the Enders series of books. However, although I highly enjoyed this book, I don't think it is appropriate for elementary students.

This book takes place 3,000 years after Ender and his sister leave Earth and travel around the universe. Because of their time in space they age much slower than normal and the story begins when Ender is about in his 30s. He goes by Andrew (his birth name) and he is an official Speaker for the Dead. His job in society is to travel around to different planets and speak for the dead after they have passed. The goal is to clear up any confusion about the departed person and set things right. When he gets an urgent message to preform this ritual for a planet that has the only known alien race coexisting on it...Ender sets out right away. His hope is to get to know this new race nicknamed the Piggies.

This race turns out to be very intelligent and interesting. I found myself immersed in the storyline long after it ended. Ender and his sister became tangible to me...and the Piggies...I found myself also wanting to know them better.

Highly recommend for 8th grade and up!