Spanish Software

I found this website with a comparison of Spanish software.

Instant Immersion Spanish looks promising. It retails for $30.99 on Some things I like about it:
  • 20+ games to reinforce your Spanish learning
  • detects pronunciation errors and offers playback of corrected speech
  • 5 audio CDs included so you can learn on the go
  • DVD with an interactive mystery game
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Berlitz Spanish retails for $36.99 on Some neat features:
  • audio CDs make learning on the go easy
  • speech recognition function
  • cultural lessons and video conversations

The verdict:
Both of these products are getting poor reviews on Amazon, but they are the top rated for their price category. If I am willing to invest only $50 or less then I think I will try Instant Immersion.


SNunc said…
Thanks for doing and sharing the research. Did you read anything about Rosetta Stone? I was thinking about that one.

Hey, why can't I see your blog on the list of blogs at the 23 things site? You did let the kickball captains know you were starting, right?
Amy_DZ said…
What? I didn't know I was supposed to let them know. I will have to go figure out how to do that now.
Amy_DZ said…
Oh, as far as Rosetta Stone it is considered one of the best, but it is sooooo expensive for me. I can't really consider it at this time. ;-)