#19 Web 2.0 Awards- SpanishPod

This is probably one of the best activities on 23 Things in my opinion. I liked seeing all the best web tools in one place at the Web 2.0 Awards Site. The first I decided to explore was SpanishPod. They have a pretty cool set up to help you learn Spanish through podcast/ mp3, lessons, etc. The free stuff on this site consists of podcasts. For $5 per mo. you can get a little bit more and if you're willing to dish out even more $$ then SpanishPod has lots more to offer. I went ahead and subscribed to the Spanish podcasts for free to see what SpanishPod has to offer. I am trying hard to improve my Spanish but I am on a budget.


Liliana said…
Dear Amy:
My name is Liliana and I am the host of SpanishPod! I'm very happy you found our site. If have any questions or you need a special lesson to me made, please let us know you ideas! And keep learning Spanish! Bienvenida a SpanishPod!