#9 Useful Library Related Blogs & Feeds

Well as I mentioned in an earlier post, I got signed up with Google Reader and all I can saw is, how cool is that? So far it is helping me keep up with my makeup addiction. I admit it...I used to frequent many beauty blogs to find makeup reviews and now they are all sent to my Google Reader! Yippie!
I learned in this activity how to search for blogs. Google Blog Search is probably one of the easiest way to do this. Also I registered my blogs on Technorati...yes I said blogs. I also have a great blog called ReadItUp! where I review books for the library. (Check it out if you have a chance.) By the way registering your blog on Technorati is super easy. Except for some reason I kept getting logged out of Technorati, but I think that has to do with my cookies or something.

Technorati also allows you to search for blogs which are categorized, but I didn't see education as a category which was kind of disappointing.

Some cool sites I found were: DIYLibrarian and FreeRangeLibrarian