Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you read my last post, these are the same photos, only remixed using

Reading is Fun Week

This week was Reading is Fun Week (RIF) at the library. You can learn more about RIF at We received 900 books to give away to students. Our theme this year was Wild About Reading so I decorated our library really nicely to coordinate with this theme. I hung party decorations with wild animals from the ceiling. I drew a large toucan to hang on the back door of the library. We hung beautiful animal posters on the front doors along with a banner which said: "Wild About Reading Zone...Enter if you dare." In addition, I cut out paw prints on brown construction paper and laminated them. We put them on the floor in a path leading up to the front doors of the library. We set up three tables covered with a jungle patterned table cloth and laid out books for students to choose from. I also played some really great African music with wonderful beats and wild animal sounds as the students entered the library.
We set up 3 centers at the library. One group chose a book and watched an animal movie for 10 min., the second group went online to Encyclopedia Britannica's Learning Zone to learn about animals around the world, and the third groups had a coloring sheet appropriate for each grade level (connect the dots animal, animal riddles, animal fact sheets, etc.) Soon I hope to post a slide show with 280 slides of our celebration.

Create Slideshows Online

This year I have had some issues with PowerPoint. On one occasion, I worked all weekend on a PowerPoint presentation. When I got to school I tried to use my USB drive and for some reason the school laptop would not read it (although it works on every other computer I have tried.) I tried to email it through gmail. Alas is was so big it just kept loading and never attached in the email. So I gave up :-( and the students didn't get to see my powerpoint. If I had known about this website 280 slides, perhaps I would not have had this problem. You can go on this site and create your slideshow using tons of themes, links to pictures/ videos, etc. It is similar to PowerPoint, so don't be worried about learning to use a new program. It is pretty easy. Finally you can save your finished product as a PowerPoint Document or save it directly on the 280 Slides website. This eliminated the hassle of trying to email your finished product or using a USB drive. Another option, you can embed it in your website/blog.

How learning is changing...

Fair Use for Media Literacy Education

After viewing the blog Hey Jude I found this interesting video clip about Fair Use.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Millionaire's Club

We have a new incentive at the library. Students are encourage to read a million words and earn a 90% average to be invited to join the millionaire's club. At the end of the year these club members will be taken on a limo ride and out to eat. How cool right?


Wow again! Friday was rush, rush, rush! I had a small fundraiser after our Jungle Jim School. We sold Jungle Jim beaded bracelets for $2.00 each and the library got to keep one dollar per bracelet! I sold Thursday and delivered the orders to the classes on Friday. In all I sold $610! So the library got to keep $305.

Now I just need to think about how to best spend this money. first day without my assistant :-(

I am really really blessed, because my library assistant is way more talented than I am. So I am truly lucky to be able to work with her! She has wonderful attendance. This week was the first time I had to be alone in the library all day. She told me in advance(because that is the wonderful kind of person she is) that she would be out. I felt a little nervous, because my Spanish is shaky and she is like my security blanket.

My morning went awesome. No fact one class did not show up due to heavy rain. They were trapped in their portable outside. Then at around 1 pm my daughter (who attends school at the same campus) was sent home by the nurse. So I had to leave early. The library closed in the afternoon, since neither I nor my assistant were present. And you know...things didn't fall apart! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Especially since, my daughter was not really very sick and felt better by that same evening.

Week of 11/10

Wow...this week has been crazy busy. I found out on Monday that I could be having a special presentation on Tuesday at my campus. I was very lucky to have Jungle Jim come to our school to talk to our students about a variety of animals. Monday zoomed by as I went from grade level to grade level training teachers during their conference periods. At the same time I came up with a schedule of shows for Jungle Jim. Tuesday arrived and it was lots of fun. I am including a picture of me holding a snake from the Jungle Jim Show.

On Wednesday, I took the top readers for the 2nd six week on a trip to see Sue the T-Rex at the University of Texas Pan American. We also got a tour of the campus, saw the planetarium and went for a picnic lunch at the park.

On the same day, back at the campus my wonderful SPECTACULAR assistant took care of our six weeks cafeteria party for all the students who met their Accelerated reader goals. At the cafeteria party we had 9 stations, including: face painting, snack bar, dance off, bingo, musical chairs, etc.

Thank all went really smoothly!

Saturday, November 1, 2008