Sunday, January 25, 2009

Intel Master of Technology Certification

I mentioned in a previous post that I am currently working on the Intel Master of Technology Certification. I am more than half way through. Through this course, you learn about pedagogy and implementing technology through project based learning. I am creating a blog to be used for my student project. Please check it out and see what you think.

Here it is:
NSJE Library


Shopping for the library sounds fun...right? Well it is at first. What more could a girl want than to go shopping, I thought. I was given a set amount of money to spend from our district library department back in August. Our deadline was Jan. '09. It was no problem coming up with the list. The problem came when I had to get three quotes for each order! It's time consuming...but I did it.

To my surprise my campus informed me that I will be able to order another large amount of books. I tried to be ahead of the game this time and have my lists ready. So I think I will be able to submit my orders early this coming week. Just a few final touches. I am excited to say that I am working hard to increase our collection to meet Texas Library Standards. We have so much fiction, and while I love it too, I know we need mainly history books. So I am purchasing a tremendous amount of history/ biographies. I can't wait for all the boxes to arrive so I can see all the beautiful covers and put them into the hands of our students!

Pizza Making Field Trip

Wednesday Jan. 14th I took the Top 100 AR students from my campus to Mr. Gattis' Pizza for a pizza making class. It was lots of fun. The kids were great and we got lots of compliments.

In groups of four students took turns pressing a metal ring on the dough to form an outline. Then one spread on sauce. Another put the ring back on and poured a scoop of cheese in the middle. The next student took hold of the metal ring and tray and shook the pan. This spread out the cheese! How cool is that? Finally the last person put on the sausage and shook the pan to spread it out. I had no idea they made pizza that way.

After making their pizzas the kids got to play in the arcade. No couldn't have gone smoother. We even got photographed for the PSJA ISD newspaper!

Vacation came and went!

Well, time definitely flies in the library. When I was a teacher last year (it seems so long ago) I had no idea that librarians were sooooo busy. Let's catch up on what's been going on. It feels like so many things have happened, but would you believe I had to consult my iGoogle Calendar? I went back to work on Jan. 5th and 6th to an inservice. I am participating in the Intel Master of Technology Certification program. It is five full days of inservices during which I have independent reading and homework. So it is keeping me busy, but it is a really neat program...more on that later. Let me give you a run down on my schedule lately:

1/12 Family Time at the Library
1/13 Library classes were canceled
1/14 AR Field Trip (more on that in a later blog)
1/15 Intel inservice
1/16 Tech training for teachers ALL day
1/18 RIF Week starts/ tech training all day
1/19 tech training after school
1/20 set up teacher's document readers
1/23 librarian meeting all day

Needless to say I have definitely felt overwhelmed!