Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 4

Wow! It has been a busy week! I had my first overwhelming week this past week. I think that is pretty good. I made it until the last week of the six weeks before I felt stressed out. (I know I said week a bunch of times LOL.) Well let me break it down for you as to why I was stressed out.


Last Friday I was out all day at a Library meeting and I was already getting behind at the library.
Monday I arrived all excited about getting the week off on a good start and I found out at 8am that I would be having a professional storyteller visit the school and I needed to organize that. Well, of course I jumped at the opportunity! How neat!
I quickly made some banners to welcome her, rushed from class to class inviting the teachers, got my camera ready and then proceeded to work on Tuesday's stuff. The storyteller arrived. I posted a video in a previous blog. She was wonderful! I had a great time and I know that kids did too! When she was done I continued getting ready for Tuesday. I needed to prepare for a huge library ceremony for the winners of our summer reading contest. I needed to work on decorations and laminate.
I was out all day decorating the auditorium with the other librarians. By 3:30 I went to pick up my daughter for the ceremony (she was the winner for 2nd grade...I'm a proud mama!) We had to rush home eat and shower and return by 5:30. The decorations were all taken down by 9pm.
I got to school all excited about having time to work in the library and I found out I was administering an online test to all 3rd-5th graders! Okay so I organized the testing documentation and then supervised the testing.
More testing...ALL day!
Librarian Meeting...ALL day! I returned to campus at the end of the day and worked until 5:15. Then picked up my daughter from daycare.
I went to school to run end of the six weeks reports and process some of our new books that are still in boxes.

Needless to say I feel a little more caught up, but it looks like another busy week. Did I mention that in addition to all that I made DVDs for the Summer Winners of a slideshow of pictures? They came out super nice. If I could figure out a way to post them on here I would. Well, that's another project to tackle at a later date.

I am feeling more optimistic tonight. Tomorrow I am back on the wagon and going to give it my all! Do I still love it? it lots of work? yes! But, I feel I have found my niche!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Angela Davis Visits our library

Students in Pre-K, Kinder, and 3rd grade enjoyed Mrs. Davis' performance on 9/22/08 in the library. I had a great time too. She is a wonderful storyteller. The students were actively involved with the presentation. Her first story was a tale of friendship about a girl named Selida who has a beautiful necklace. Some other girls trick her into throwing her necklace into the ocean. When she realizes her mistake she dives in and swims to the bottom. She sees an old woman covered in sores and hideously ugly. The old woman tells her that she will only help her if Selida licks all the sores on her arms. Selida is very good hearted and wants to help so without thinking twice she licks the old hag's sores. Immediately the old woman turns into a beautiful woman. She gives Selida a necklace full of precious stones and takes her back to land. When the other girls see Selida's new necklace, they become jealous of her and jump in the ocean to find their own! (Mrs. Davis asked me to participate as one of the mean girls and a few other teachers played parts too.)
When they swam down to the bottom, the old hag swallowed them up. The mean girls begged her to let them out. They tickled her stomach until she finally spit them out. The mean girls immediately went to Selida to ask for her forgiveness. After a few weeks, Selida decided they were sincere and decided to forgive them.

The kids and I had a super time!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

#21 Photostory

I got ahead of myself and completed this one before it was scheduled. Here is a link to the post about my first Photostory.

Week 3

This week was SO busy! I went with the BRIGHT summer winners on a field trip to Quinta Mazatlan for a nature walk. The kids and I really enjoyed seeing the birds and other animals within this urban forest. Also this week I started teaching the students how to use shelf markers. I am teaching the youngest students 1-3 the shelf marker song.

To the tune of the Hokey Pokey
You put your shelf marker in
You take the book off the shelf
You take a look at the book
and see what it's about.
You do the bookey lookey
and you see if it's just right.
That's what it's all about.
***I found this song online. I don't know where it originated. You can view a video of another librarian using this song on TeacherTube. (Well of course now I can't find it anywhere on teacher tube!)

In addition I talked about how to decide if a book is just right. I will be out all day tomorrow at a librarian meeting. I think I might be coming in for half a day on Saturday to work on getting the shelves in order. I noticed since the first week back that the books were not in order correctly. All sections, but especially the nonfiction. I really never get a chance during the day to work on this so I plan to go with my kiddos to the school Saturday and see what I can get done.

This week was also a great week for me. I had two students tell me today that they thought working in a library would be a fun job. I said "I am really enjoying it."

Week 2

Wow! Sorry I have been MIA a while. I have been trying to keep up with all the demands in my life. Let me start by explaining my second week in the library. For week two I spoke to the students again about library rules and we discussed keeping the library neat. For my PK-K students we read and watched a short video. We also did a movement activity that they seemed to enjoy quite well.

I have really been feeling blessed with my new job. I absolutely LOVE working in the library. It is so busy I find that I never really catch up. I have a wonderful parent volunteer who helps me shelf for an hour each day. Also my library assistant is a life saver! She helps me with classes when the teachers need me for technology issues since I am also the classroom instructional technologist (CIT) on campus.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One week with kids

Well, I can officially join the club and say that I have conducted library classes for one week! Everything went quite smoothly. No major snags along the way. I especially enjoyed getting to know the students who will be my frequent library customers. Some students I have seen everyday in the morning and/or after school checking out books. Here's what I did with week one:
  • Overview of library rules/ procedure
  • Signed library contracts
  • 1st-5th checked out books
  • PK-K watched a video

I went to the district office and got to take a picture for our librarian calendar. You heard me right! We have a "Wild About Reading" theme calendar this school year. I got to pose with a book on my lap and my hand in the air like I am petting a wolf (which will be Photoshopped in later.) The background is a winter woods scene. I am thinking I will probably be the December or January picture. I am excited to see the finished product and I plan to post it here as soon as it is ready.

Being a librarian is keeping me on my toes. It has been a fun challenge to balance all the tasks I am in charge of. This week I had my first teacher training. I met with staff members after school on Wednesday and I walked them through updating their web pages. I had a large turn out. In fact, I didn't have enough copies or chairs to accommodate everyone who arrived. I will hold another session this Wednesday to reach the remainder of the staff members.

On a personal note, my daughter was really sick and I have had to be out of the library. It is not any fun to miss work so soon in the school year. The good news is I had already prepared about 4 weeks worth of lesson plans. The bad news is that the books are piling up that need to be reshelved. My baby is sleeping here beside me as I balance my college homework, this blog and a personal life. Mostly I am just very happy that her fever has broken. She has had a fever off and on since Wednesday. Did I mentioned I am already sick too?

I know it will be a good year, when all I can think is I am so lucky to have this job! I just love it so far. It is definitely a big change from being in an 8th grade classroom. Oh...also my daughter Haille won the Summer Reading contest for her grade level (2nd grade)! I am super proud of her and I just had to brag for a minute!!!